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Blogger to Author

Aug 29, 2019

Many business owners are tempted to write a book because they see the potential for how that book can help them grow their business. But, sometimes they’re a little unsure exactly what that would look like, or exactly how a book is going to bring in more clients. They’re unsure of the ROI. That’s why I like to bring you stories from authors who have written and published books that really helped them take their businesses to the next level. That’s what I have for you in this episode.

I am very thrilled and honored to be featuring an interview with business coach, expert, and #1 bestselling author Christine McAlister. Christine leveraged her self-published book, The Income Replacement Formula: Seven Simple Steps To Doing What You Love And Making Six Figures From Anywhere, to get more visibility, land more clients, and drastically increase her income, too. In our interview, we talk about her writing and publishing process and exactly how she used her book to grow her business and get more clients. You’ll also get some great tips for thinking strategically about your business-building book to make sure your book is successful.

If you have a service-based business and you are either thinking about or are currently writing your book, you’re going to get a lot of great tips from this episode. And, I think it will really inspire you to see exactly how a book will help you get more clients and grow your business, which will motivate you to keep writing and actually publish your book. You’re going to get a lot out of this interview!

Show notes: