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Blogger to Author

Oct 19, 2017

If you’re following or listening to the Blogger to Author Podcast, you’re probably at least thinking about making money online, and making money from your blog. Whether you started out with the intention of trying to make money, or whether you started out simply wanting to share your passion, many bloggers dream about making their blog a part-time or even full-time job.

Most bloggers also start out by focusing on sponsored posts. If you’re going to make a living from working with brands, you have to constantly be looking for partnerships, which can be overwhelming for some bloggers. That’s why many bloggers have made the switch to selling their own products and services. Selling your book is one way to do that, and many bloggers sell at least one eBook on their website. Creating and selling a course is another way, and just like writing a book, it’s a natural fit if you’ve been teaching something to your readers with your blog content.

In today's episode online course creation expert Jennifer Shreckengost walks you through why you should create a course, and gives us some great tips for turning your book into an amazing online course that your students will love.

Show notes:

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