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Blogger to Author

Mar 7, 2019

If you’re like me, you’ve started a big project only to get busy or distracted and the project sits and sits until you’ve totally forgotten about it. But, if that project is important enough, you’ll eventually come back to it and finish what you’ve started. This happened to me with my second book: I wrote maybe a third or a half of the content, then I moved 800 miles across the country and had a baby. That book manuscript sat on my hard drive for almost a year before I finally picked it back up and self-published it. But, I’m really glad that I did come back and finish the book. It fits a unique space in my business—it’s a low-cost way for my audience to get a lot of information—and it definitely is helping people.

But, there are times when it doesn’t make sense to keep writing a book you’ve been working on. There’s a season for everything in your business, and sometimes it’s the season to temporarily shelve your book manuscript…or to put it aside entirely. In some cases, your book may actually bring you further from your goals, and writing it can actually be a waste of precious time. I know that you don’t have time to waste.

This episode is meant to help you figure out whether you should keep writing your book or if you should just walk away from it. There are three big instances when I think you should completely walk away from writing your book, and I want to share those instances with you here. My hope is that by listening to this episode, you’ll be able to decide if you should keep writing now, put your book aside for a little while, or scrap the project entirely.

Show notes: