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Blogger to Author

Jun 20, 2019

You’ve worked really hard to write an amazing book that’s going to completely wow your readers. Then, a really big question sneaks up on you…what are you going to call your book? How do you choose the right title that will instantly make readers want to buy your book and read it?

Unfortunately, I see a lot of authors make some big mistakes when it comes to choosing a book title. They come up with a title that they think is amazing, but that title is actually more appealing to the author than it is to readers and shoppers. In these cases, the authors are usually able to sell copies to their immediate audience and fan base, but the book fails to appeal to a wider audience. That means their book is ultimately read by fewer people, and it has less of an impact than it might have if the author had chosen the right title.

In this episode, I’ll walk you through the process that I use to help my clients choose a great title for their books. I’ll also tell you how you can figure out what titles will be most appealing so you can sell more books and reach more readers. You’ll learn a simple framework to help you choose the right title for your book, a title that will help your book reach a wider audience.

Show notes: