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Blogger to Author

Oct 11, 2018

These days, more and more people are self-publishing books. That means more competition for readers and more noise for you to break through. How do you get your self-published to stand out? By finding what makes your book unique and special.

In many ways, your book is like your business. To stand out and find people willing to buy your book (or invest in your business), you need to tell them how your book is different. How is your book THE book to solve their problem or help them make a transformation they've been working toward? Why should your book be the go-to book in your niche?

As an added bonus, finding what makes your book special can also help you focus your writing and editing to make your book really good. When you know why and how your book is unique, you can double down on that uniqueness and make your book truly special. Yes, your book can still do a lot of good and help people even if you don’t know what makes your book unique. BUT, if you can find out what makes your book truly special…it’s going to make your book even better.

In this episode, I'll walk you through five questions you should ask your self to find what makes your book special. You can use those answers to help you write a better book, and to help you find more readers (and sell more books), too.

Show notes: