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Blogger to Author

Sep 27, 2018

Many food bloggers (and other fans of food) dream about becoming a cookbook author someday. They flip through cookbooks in the bookstore and fantasize about what it would be like to see their name on the cover and see their food photography on those glossy pages. But, many of them wait around for a publisher to come calling. They either wind up waiting many years for their dream to come true, or they never realize that dream at all.

I'm excited to feature an interview with registered dietitian and author Maggie Michalczyk in this episode. Maggie decided that she wanted to publish a cookbook, but that she didn't want to wait around to get a deal with a traditional publisher. Instead, Maggie decided to take her cookbook's fate into her own hands and self-publish. Best of all, she leveraged her relationships with brands to get them to sponsor recipes in the cookbook, giving her money to fuel the production of the book.

If you dream about publishing a cookbook someday, I think you'll find this interview with Maggie very inspiring. Maggie will show you that you don't have to wait for a deal with a publisher to create your cookbook. And, you'll also hear some great tips for working with brand sponsors to help you offset the cost of the production of your cookbook.

Show notes:

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