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Blogger to Author

Sep 20, 2018

Bloggers are uniquely suited to become authors. Most bloggers today are actively working to build an audience of engaged followers who will want to buy their book. They don't have to create an audience of book readers from scratch. They've done the hard work of finding the people who need their message, which makes the process of selling books infinitely easier.

Bloggers are also used to the writing process. They consistently create new content month after month. They have the skills that it takes to write a book manuscript. And, as a bonus, they can repurpose the content that they've worked so hard to create and use it in the first draft of their book. They've got a leg up when it comes to writing a book, and many bloggers can put together a self-published book very quickly.

This episode is a dive into why every blogger should consider writing a book. Even if you ultimately decide that it's not for you, I think it's something that you should at least ponder for a little bit. A book can do big things for your blog and for you. I'll tell you all about them in this episode. And, I'll tell you how you can get started on your book, too.

Show notes: