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Blogger to Author

Oct 20, 2017

For most of the authors (especially non-fiction authors) I’ve interviewed, the biggest motivator to publish their book was that they had a message to share. They knew the world needed that message, needed the expertise that only they could share in their own unique way. Deep down, these authors knew that the world would be a better place with their message in it. That desire to serve, that desire to spread that message is what kept inspiring them to write and publish their books.

This episode features an interview with author, fitness expert and motivator Linda Mitchell. I first met Linda at a fitness blogging conference last summer and was immediately inspired by her story and her message. I loved that she had used her self-published book to grow an entire community around her message of women supporting each other to live healthier lives through fitness. She has truly been an inspiration to her local and online communities, and I think you’ll be inspired by her words, too.

Show notes:

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